Tiggy may have just become my next favorite artist that I obsess over for the next seven days (as one does, of course). If you’ve got time, check out “Two Year Stand.” It’s my favorite of hers.

Anyway, her upbeat, chill, beachy vibes are just the right sound for the times. We can all use some of those escape-the-world vibes right now.

Her song, “Share This Feeling,” begins with some noticeable nature sounds. The birds are singing, the crickets are chirping, the wind is blowing…it feels like you’ve just been dropped in a beautiful forest. Then you’re transported to the beach as the drum and guitar chime in, along with Tiggy’s ethereal vocals. Imagine driving with the windows down along the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun sets over the Bay, and that’s the mood.

The song has some rock origins, which makes sense. Beach pop origins began with Rock/R&B pop from the 50s and 60s, and that’s very much the vibe of Tiggy’s style. If you listen to her other music, you can hear that beachy 60s influence. The tempo alone gives a throwback to a Beatles kind of rhythm, with vocals and a style that are like a slightly higher pitched 2017 Lorde. Tiggy is tapping into the classic sounds of a good ol’ guitar, a simple but iconic drumbeat, and raw vocals.

Tiggy’s voice is versatile; she hits those low notes in the beginning of the song, and then jumps pristinely into some beautiful high, breathy notes. Again, it kind of replicates those vintage vibes of the 60s, but with modern touches of some synthesizing.

The message of the song seems almost straightforward. The beginning lyrics give us a hint:

You’ve used all your energy

Worrying about your enemies

Spending all your intellect

Wasted on the internet

When you consider the decision to include nature sounds and beachy vibes to the mix, it seems that Tiggy is trying to say something about getting out and tapping back into nature; go outdoors, get some sun, some fresh air, get off the computer. Tiggy reaches out her hand and invites us to join her on this very excursion:

I’ll take you to a place

Where we don’t have to put on a show

She knows what’s up:

You can fake a high

When you feeling this low

And in the bridge she describes just the place to go (strategically accompanied with the chirping birds and breezy nature sounds):

There are places where you see no faces

And you learn to be alone

Your mind’s not racing

And you’ve got more patience

And you learn to leave your phone

The words match the vibe of the music. It’s attempting to get us up out of our chairs, out of our dark rooms, away from artificial screens, and into nature. She wants to “share this feeling” with us. Maybe she knows how wonderful it is and wants us to know it too, or maybe she just doesn’t want to experience it alone.

Overall, there’s a freshness to Tiggy that lets us step into another world that’s all our own and escape the world for just a little while.