Singer and music producer Andy DiSimone explores a retro sound reminiscent of the best 80s pop hits via his new artistic vehicle, Streeter Pool, creating a catchy rhythm and relaxing atmosphere that make new single “Time Will Tell” the perfect soundtrack for nostalgic souls.

If you familiarize yourself with Streeter Pool’s debut album,  Nothing Is Forever, you’ll notice that DiSimone explores a wide range of sounds, from trip-hop moods to Porcupine-Tree-like alternative rock compositions. However, his music remains coherent regardless of the musical genre he decides to investigate.

This is probably because DiSimone’s voice is always in the spotlight, functioning as the crucial element in all his works. Warm, deep and versatile, it takes the listener on a sonic journey back to a time when pop music could, with a minimalist arrangement, express raw emotions unlike any other genre – before things were drowned in formulaic overproduction.

“Time Will Tell” explores different sounds and atmospheres, but they’re rooted in old-school, pop sensibilities – even the synthesizer that creates a humming, omnipresent sonic layer that adds texture throughout the song.

The simple structure and minimalist beat of “Time Will Tell” allow the listener to focus on the beauty of the synth melody. Although it’s present persistently throughout the track, the synthesizer becomes predominant during the pre-chorus and the chorus, creating a natural build-up that DiSimone takes full advantage of.

I’m biased, here; I think that synth-pop is the best music genre to elevate a beautiful voice, as the simple arrangement allows the lyrics to push the song forward naturally. And Andy’s lyrics, calm and thoughtful in the verses, take the song to the next level in the chorus, reaching new vocal heights and making “Time Will Tell” more and more evocative as the song progresses.

The saxophone is the icing on the cake. Entering towards the end of the track, its unexpected solo provides the perfect ending for the 80s aficionados. Finally, more voices are added to the chorus, which, together with the sax and DiSimone’s voice at its highest, create a magnificent synth-pop texture that one can’t help but appreciate for its depth and nostalgic feel.

Ultimately, “Time Will Tell” perfectly recreates the moods and atmospheres of bygone days. It’s a fitting introduction to Streeter Pool, and a testament to the fantastic voice of Andy DiSimone.

You can stream “Time Will Tell” and the full album, Nothing Is Forever, on Spotify.