Keanu Clarke hails from Long Island and is now a Brooklyn artist who performs under the stage name Uneak.

Uneak has the voice and creative instincts needed to be a breakout star. His song “H.A.M. (Holler At Me)” is ultra-smooth and hooky, a real standout on his first EP Better In Person.

Another great track on the EP is “Elevate”, which opens with piano glissandos and remains hypnotic throughout. “Cry” (featuring M Kai) has a real range of flow and is one of the highlights of Uneak’s live shows.

The rapper also aspires to be actor, so he may one day follow Harry Styles and Beyoncé onto the movie screen. But music is Uneak’s biggest passion, and it’s clear he has a bright future.

What’s the story behind your song “H.A.M. (Holler At Me)”?

I wanted to express what I’d been feeling with someone I was on and off with for a while. We had a lot of ups and downs, but I always let her know that I was riding for her if she ever needed me. At the beginning of the song I express coming up from a low part of my life, then by the middle of the verse I switch to talking about her. My goal was to let the world know that even through the lowest I’m here for her. When I wrote the song, I was feeling a little mix of love, pain, and cockiness.

Who were your favorite artists growing up?

Growing up I listened to a lot of Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson, J. Cole, and Fabolous.

What Brooklyn venues have you played, and are you going to tour in other cities soon?

I have performed at Social Butterfly and First Live in Brooklyn. I would love to tour in other cities real soon. I have performed in New York, Connecticut, California, Rhode Island, Ohio, and New Jersey. I definitely would love to get back on the road to touring.