Willolux’s “The Gift” is a Celebration of Life’s Uncertainty


To dream, or not to dream?

On one hand, you don’t want to be tied down to a monotonous 9 to 5 job that gradually dulls your brain. On the other hand, delusional dreaming can waste your time and deaden your career.

Should you accept the safer option of monotony and financial security, or should you reach beyond your grasp for something bigger and better, even though it may amount to nothing?

Indie folk pop artist willolux grapples with this question in her latest release “The Gift”.

willolux uses a variety of different textures such as piano, synth, drum samples to create a poppy, upbeat track while her lyrics explore profound questions.

Thank you kindly for the gift

you gave me time to still my mind,

’cause it always wants to drift.

Kristina Emmott, sole member of willolux, views her dreaming as a mistake, and thanks the rational part of her mind for giving her the “gift” of pragmatism.

It’s not that simple, though. There’s an inner struggle within her; both dreaming and pragmatism have their positives and negatives.

Sometimes an anchor’s what I need,

but if I lay my thoughts at bay,

there’s nothing left to see,

nothing left to see.

The singer needs to be grounded. Otherwise, her head would be in the clouds. However, taking the safe option could also lead to tedium and a lack of excitement in her life.

If I…

confess to you my dream,

would you go easy on me cause’ I know I’ve been wanting more?

Can’t help myself from floating out that door.

Despite being aware of the risks involved in pursuing her dream, the singer can’t fight her impulse to do just that. Whenever she suppresses her desire for more, it always comes back stronger, driving her to “float out the door” of her monotonous existence.

There’s no harm in dreaming, but, there is.
I’m giving up the life I have 
for one I may not live.

Dreaming may seem harmless, but as Emmott says, there’s a reason why so many people choose the safer option in life instead. Dreamers are throwing away a comfortable, secure life for a dream that may not materialize.

Out the window my gaze goes.

Uncertainty’s a part of me,

though I wish it wasn’t so,

I wish it wasn’t so.

The singer can’t help it, though. She was born a dreamer. Her eyes would always wander and her mind would always drift.

Can’t help myself from floating out that door.

Emmott repeats the chorus and this line several times in the song. This mirrors the way in which she constantly thinks about her dreams and leaving the life she has for more.

Some of us are perfectly content with the life we have; even if it’s not exactly what you wanted, you can live comfortably. For others though, this comfortable existence is like a boring, colourless nightmare. For them, dreams are a necessity, a path out of the mundane world of modern life.


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