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Your Smith’s “In Between Plans”: A Summer Playlist Essential

by Mia Buscone

Based on a true story, Your Smith’s new song “In Between Plans” is the perfect tune to roll down the windows and drive to on a warm summer day. The song opens with a light, airy melody, giving off the feel-good vibe right off the bat. Explaining on Instagram that she wrote it about the best day of her life, Your Smith has given us a song to sing on hours. The music video features Caroline Smith driving with no destination, but she isn’t lost. She has her own company, and it’s all she needs. Her bright, inviting voice makes me want to run away with her.

Between Careless and Carefree

The story she tells starts with her waking up on a boat with her friends. She’s a bit dazed but doesn’t seem to care. They ask her to leave with them, but she refuses because she wants to venture off on her own. Looking a mess, she leaves all her clothes on board and goes out to find a bar without any money in her pocket. It’s the wild summer adventure I dreamed of having as a teenager.

“I find a bar, man
The ceiling moves
Get a cocktail Carolina
When I finally make my mind up”

She decides to keep moving and travels to the next destination, whenever or wherever she finds one. One stop on her journey lands her an offer to settle down. It’s tempting, but once again, she refuses.

“I could set it in stone
But I’m writing in sand
That’s just how it goes
When I’m in between plans”

The phrase “I’m in between plans”, which makes up the entire chorus, is the carefree mantra I didn’t know I needed until now. Though it’s something people often say when they’re out of a job and don’t have much going on, the song gives it the implication that having no plans means you have nothing to worry about. It rides the line between careless and carefree. She knows she could make stable plans, but she is choosing to do things that won’t last forever, that could be changed or forgotten about at the drop of a hat.

The end of the song is led by a “classic Jack Janiak guitar solo”. The lyric video credits Janiak for delivering this captivating solo. It’s the kind that makes you want to pull out your air guitar and jam. The song will make a great addition to my road trip playlist when it inevitably convinces me to run away too.



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