I wasn’t angry, and then I listened to “The Chariot” and suddenly wanted to be.

The opening guitar is reminiscent of the best of early 2000s country. The song follows a woman deciding to finally save herself as she slowly breaks away from societal expectations. Singer Anna Rose has been on the scene for a while, usually releasing music that can be classified more as “rock” then “country”, (though the lines have been blurred as of late). She recently had a song appear on the hit NBC television show, ‘This is Us’ and performed at the CMA fest in Tennessee.

This track is part of Rose’s third full-length album, The Light Between, which is due out in the fall.

It is a strong track, helped by Anna Rose’s incredible vocals and a strong opening guitar riff that carries the song all the way through. The lyrics are truly wonderful and tell a cogent story of a woman on the edge. The lyrics are fiery, the beat is fierce, and Anna Rose tears into the vocals with a keen sense of her own talent and the rage she needs to convey to do the song justice. The result is a great mix of listenability and storytelling which is sure to keep any music appreciator entertained.

Everyone wants to save me
But Im sick of this telephone
I am so tired of
Losing my mind

It’s a revenge song without a bad guy. It is rage against nothing, it is the embodiment of “rebel without a cause”. If you are just angry and need to listen to a song that will speak to all of those feelings, “‘The Chariot” is definitely worth a listen.