Language Art’s “Top Of The Top” Will Enthrall You

“Top Of The Top” is a soulful ballad with angelic, ethereal vocals that make the listener absolutely float along with where the band wants to take them. I listened to this song while waiting for a flight in Korea. The song connected with me on a deep level, not only speaking to the quiet, passive […]

Anna Rose’s “The Chariot” Will Get Your Heart Racing

I wasn’t angry, and then I listened to “The Chariot” and suddenly wanted to be. The opening guitar is reminiscent of the best of early 2000s country. The song follows a woman deciding to finally save herself as she slowly breaks away from societal expectations. Singer Anna Rose has been on the scene for a […]

The Story of Morgalilly’s “Peppermint Gold”

Whatever notions you have about the song going in-prepare to have them shattered. New artist Morgalily subverts expectations constantly throughout this soft, moanful number. The guitar is the main instrument and complement’s Morgalily’s voice in the most beautiful way. Take off the mask and let us see Show us what lies underneath This isn’t a […]

Clara Nova’s “Free” Is A Soaring Triumph

I’ll admit it-I didn’t know who Clara Nova was before receiving this assignment. But after listening to “Free” for a couple of hours on repeat, you can be sure I will be scourging TicketMaster hoping to see tour dates. First, a little background. Clara Nova is the self-given moniker of French-American Sydney Wayser, first introduced […]

Why Is Indie Rock Today So Pop?

The early 2000s had a particular sound. Think early Green Day, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, and Oasis. Heck, even Maroon Five fit into that category of early 2000s bands (their second album ‘Songs About Jane’ is still their best to date). Panic! At the Disco practically founded Hot Topic. Teenagers […]

The Story Of The Smallgoods’ “Satellite”

I had never heard of The Smallgoods before I was asked to review their new single, “Satellite”. Once I did, I was very glad that the assignment came across my desk. Listening to the song, I was reminded of the Beatles. That may seem like too high of praise, but this band truly channels the […]

Sabrie Thinks Electropop Will Save the World; “Womb” Proves Them Right

I don’t know exactly what to think of Sabrie’s “Womb”. It’s melodic. It’s well crafted. The music is also very message focused. “Womb” is a song that knows what it is saying and has no trouble articulating that message. It is about women’s empowerment. It is about self-actualization and self-determination. And it stays on message for the entire […]

Greg Etter’s “Portrait of the Wind” Speaks to the Cowboy in Us All

Portrait of the Wind starts slow. But when it finally builds – it soars.  I first listened to this song during the dreaded polar vortex that buried my region of the country in about two feet of snow and subzero temperatures. It was nearly impossible for me to leave my house for several days last week, which led to […]

Parks’ “Sweater Weather” Will Keep You Warm In Winter

I first listened to Parks’ “Sweater Weather” just before Christmas. This jaunty song made Christmas shopping in an overcrowded mall far more palatable. I found myself bouncing along to the song’s upbeat rhythm; subconsciously mouthing the lyrics as I perused the shelves for the perfect stocking stuffer. Now that the new year has set in, […]

Top 10 Alternative Albums of 2018

Another year is over and the jury is in. It’s a jury of one, but, you get the picture. Readers have been clamouring to know; What were the best alternative albums of the year? How do I decide which albums are worth my time? What does ‘alternative’ even mean in this day and age? Well, fear […]

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