I first listened to Parks’ “Sweater Weather” just before Christmas.

This jaunty song made Christmas shopping in an overcrowded mall far more palatable.

I found myself bouncing along to the song’s upbeat rhythm; subconsciously mouthing the lyrics as I perused the shelves for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Now that the new year has set in, the temperature has dropped and the song seems even more appropriate.

The lyrics are clear and easy to listen to. The story is straightforward; a man falling in love with his next-door neighbor and putting her on a bit of a pedestal. Their off-beat love story makes up the rest of the song, with the narrator assuring his new found love that she is beautiful as they explore their new found relationship.

She lives nextdoor in the ivy covered house

on the rooftop, I caught her

sleeping in the walls-

Through the trees and the falling of the leaves

She tells me stories of when she was a queen…

The sentiment is sweet and the arrangement is retro. The song has all of the hallmarks of an updated Beach Boy’s track. It’s fun, funky, and uplifting.

The band is not based in either of the two main music hubs; LA or New York. Instead, they call Massachusets home and seem to have created quite a following there. Their social media presence is small, but vocal, with plenty of engagement. Parks is the epitome of an unsung local gem.

They have even found enough of an audience to begin selling band merchandise. The band’s debut album hit shelves in November of last year, and their presence seems to have ticked steadily upward since then. According to their Facebook page, they are playing more and more local venues. Parks’ star is rising; get on the bandwagon before it’s too late!

If you are curious, the rest of their music is just as easy to listen to as ‘Sweater Weather”.

You won’t find any mumbling or cheap riffs on any of their tracks. A song from them is good, clean fun from start to finish. 

Parks’ has a sound, and they are determined to stick with it. If you want to hear a new twist on alt-pop, Parks is the band for you!