Amour Glamour’s “Love in the Shower” is a Trippy Tribute to Britpop

Amour Glamour’s “Love in the Shower” sounds like The Cure on acid. That’s not a bad thing.  It starts slow and it starts weird. Amour Glamour plays with silence in the opening few seconds of the track in a manner that grabbed my attention and kept it through the more traditional beats of the song. […]

Homes’ “Loveable” Will Make A Home In Your Heart

“Loveable” is a song about the journey to loving yourself and it is devastating in all the right ways. The vocals make this song. The melody is strong, but it is the sentiment of the singer that really takes this song to the next level. The song tells the story of a man telling someone, […]

Crooked Trees’ “Vertigo” Will Suck You In

“Vertigo”, the newest release by The Crooked Trees, is a slow jam with a deeper meaning. I started listening on my way to class and stood outside my classroom door for several seconds, waiting for the song to finish. It’s good. It’s very, very good. “Vertigo” is a versatile song that can lend itself to […]

The Story Of The Rungs “Balcony”

Some songs are out of this world, “Balcony” by The Rungs is one of them. A letter from a girl to her new love, this song recalls summer romance and the sweet innocence of a first crush. It has limited lyrics, but what it does have is descriptive and gets to the heart of the […]

Under The Rug’s “A Serial Killer Comes Home” Is Halloween In November

“A Serial Killer Comes Home” from Under the Rug is truly creepy and very niche. The song is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s about a serial killer getting to kill again after, apparently, a bit of a break. Imagine if someone put Jeffrey Dahmer’s internal monologue to song, that’s pretty much ‘A […]

Fox & Bones’ “Better Land” Is An Island Of Hope

Everyone once in a while you need to listen to a song that is just there to make you feel good. Fox and Bones’ “Better Land” is that song. Better Land is the quintessential hopeful jam played over the end credits of every single Disney movie ever. It’s sweet, it’s jaunty, and the music is […]

Cote’s “Meet Me In The Morning” Is An Anthem For The Fragile

Taryn Randall is a true New York gem. Her sound is poignant. Her audience is niche. Listening to her music, you get the sense that she is the kind of artist that actually cares about honing her art. She is just starting out, which makes her even more endearing. Randall, lead singer of the Brooklyn […]

Charm Of Finches “The Bridge” Is Beautiful But Fumbling

Every band needs a hook; Charm of Finches hasn’t quite found theirs yet. The band’s song, “The Bridge” starts slow and finishes slower. This ballad recalls a time before the hustle and bustle of modern life. Its slow pace and melancholy tone are calming. The lyrics speak generally of ‘silence’ and invoke vague symbolism that […]

The Story Of A Different Thread’s “Rosa Rosa”

Music is supposed to make you feel. A Different Thread reminds you to let your emotions flow. British-American folk duo Robert Jackson and Alicia Best have been touring the UK and US non-stop for the last couple of years. Their band, A Different Thread, has made waves in the folk scene over the past few […]

The Exits’ “Press Repeat” Is A High-Energy Anthem

My favorite songs open with a bang. A good drum beat, a blazing guitar solo, a killer hook. The best music pulls the listener in right away and refuses to let go. ‘Press Repeat’ by The Exits is a song that delivers on every level. You can feel this music in your bones-what’s better than […]

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