“Vertigo”, the newest release by The Crooked Trees, is a slow jam with a deeper meaning.

I started listening on my way to class and stood outside my classroom door for several seconds, waiting for the song to finish. It’s good. It’s very, very good.

“Vertigo” is a versatile song that can lend itself to any number of locations and occasions. I imagine listening to this song on a moody, solo road trip across flyover country, perhaps artfully looking at the open sky out my window periodically. If long road trips with slightly somber soundtracks are not your thing, fear not! Vertigo can just as easily be the background music to any modern college party. Envision yourself standing in an awkward semi-circle, clutching a red solo cup and wishing you knew anyone in your immediate vicinity. Then, imagine this song coming on and thinking to yourself, “At least the music is good.”

It’s chill, it’s indie, it’s just its own thing. If you are the kind of person that enjoys music that will help you escape, this is the song for you.

The Crooked Trees are not a widely known band, and they seem to have a limited following as of now. A quick internet search reveals just a couple of hits, including a Facebook page with less than 500 followers. From what I gather, they are a musically gifted, criminally underrated band that has been around for a couple of years. They are young, they are unsung, they play the Midwest (always a plus in my book). If you like undiscovered gems, jump on this bandwagon early.

While you are waiting for them to make it big, check out “Vertigo”. The song will transport you, chill you out, and make you stand outside of your classroom, lost in thought. Everyone needs to do that once in a while.

The Crooked Trees have all the hallmarks of a band waiting for the right break. All they need is their moment to shine.