Portrait of the Wind starts slow. But when it finally builds – it soars. 

I first listened to this song during the dreaded polar vortex that buried my region of the country in about two feet of snow and subzero temperatures. It was nearly impossible for me to leave my house for several days last week, which led to me having quite a bit of free time on my hands. Listening to Portrait of the Wind, a new song by Greg Etter, was as comforting as it was enlightening.

The lyrics don’t come into play for a few moments, which lets the listener truly enjoy what they are listening to.

The music is calming and conjures visions of the open sky over endless plains. It is a campfire song and a meditation, all in one. It’s easy listening with heart.

and the skies forever wide
as we tread between the tides
and we’re kept wading our way through
the fickle seas
of moving on…

Greg Etter does not have a large following. A quick Google search brings up his SoundCloud account and not much else. I even had to dig a little to find his official Facebook page. He is an artist that is truly just breaking into the business, and he certainly has the talent to become a mainstay. 

Portrait of the Wind deserves to be a breakout hit for him. The song It speaks of change, of being lonely, of learning to find yourself. It is a song full of meaning and will have universal appeal to anyone who takes the time to seek Etter’s music out.

I urge you to check this song out. Listen to the lyrics. They will touch your soul.