I’ll admit it-I didn’t know who Clara Nova was before receiving this assignment. But after listening to “Free” for a couple of hours on repeat, you can be sure I will be scourging TicketMaster hoping to see tour dates.

First, a little background. Clara Nova is the self-given moniker of French-American Sydney Wayser, first introduced herself to the world in 2017 with her incredible debut single “An Island.” (Seriously, if you haven’t listened to that song-you need to). Since then, she has consistently put out infectious, emphatically propulsive singles, culminating in an EP, The Iron Age, released in March 2018.

With “Free”, Clara Nova moves into a little more of the alt-pop genre. Her music is still ethereal. Her voice is seriously incredible, but there is a clear distinction between the two EPs.

“Free”, her new single off of the most recent EP, out now, is a hypnotic, new age pop song sure to be styled as a “banger” by all those who listen. “Free” is not only on par with Clara Nova’s earlier work, but pushes her vocal range and talent to the next level. I was stunned by her vocal prowess; it combines with the track’s gorgeous instrumentation in a way that surely must be intentional. After listening to this song, I actually googled Clara Nova was that impressed.

Turns out-this song is off of her new EP-The Golden Age. I checked out her other work-this is a singer-songwriter to watch. Her lyrics are tight. Her musical talent is undeniable. Here’s hoping she can break through- I would love to see more work like “Free” on the charts.