I don’t know exactly what to think of Sabrie’s “Womb”. It’s melodic. It’s well crafted. The music is also very message focused. “Womb” is a song that knows what it is saying and has no trouble articulating that message. It is about women’s empowerment. It is about self-actualization and self-determination. And it stays on message for the entire song.

It does not deviate. It does not cater. It does not try to make people comfortable. 

Fair warning-this is not a song, nor, I dare say, an album, that one is going to be able to sing along to. That is not the kind of music, I suspect, that this band is interested in making. Instead, “Womb”, and all of the other offerings on Sabrie’s SoundCloud, are things that must be experienced. They are messages. They are anthems. In some cases, they are, or at least feel, like instructions. It’s odd. It’s new. But it is certainly not unpleasant. The music is good. Sabrie knows how to put together a dreamy, hippie anthem with the best of them.

It takes a moment, (at least it did for me) to get into Sabrie’s style of music. But once you are in, you are committed. 

Sabrine is an electropop “collaboration” –re: band- based out of Los Angeles. They are new-on Instagram they only have 88 followers, but, based on their sound, they have a very clear vision for their music, something that not all young artists have. 

Sabrie is as about as LA new wave as you can get, with topical lyrics and very millennial, very in mission. The band wants to, in their words, “carve out a platform for humanist ideals, feminist ballads, and opportunities to relax, reflect and open up a component of humanity”. Now. That is a very big goal for an electropop band to tackle if I do say so myself. But what do I know?

Maybe some dreamy electric music with a feminist message is exactly what the world needs right now. I hope so. That would be awesome.