Around The Sun In 80 Ways


Songs make my mind a traveler, and as I listened to GALASO’s EP Around the Sun, my thoughts ventured to a few different places.

Well, one place in particular.

It might sound trite, but GALASO’s smooth vocals brought me back to the old roller rink- so much so that I Googled “Roller Rink.” (What do you know – there’s a new one that just opened up in a city near me!)

“Around The Sun” would be the perfect song to play when customers are just coming in the roller rink door at opening, and while they’re getting wheels or blades strapped on. It’s a song about young love, and it’s all hope and hormones.

“Losing My Mind” would be the build-up song to the slow dance number… you know, you’ve been really aware of that amazing person who seems to have been near you all evening, and your previous acquaintance seems to be blooming into something that’s fresh, venturing into the wild unknown.

That slow dance song would be “Alive.” Someone asked for the slow roller dance, and someone said yes; hearts are beating double time; eyes are meeting in the precious moments; and the happy pair is gliding along like they’re floating.

“Midnight” is the happy dance tune, when you’ve got so much energy that you just have to let it all out. Plus, the place is about to close for the evening, and they want you to carry those great feelings with you when you leave. What a night!

When we get to “Little Sunshine,” the relationship has matured. Maybe our romantic pair is on a sailboat, or maybe at poolside at a resort. The beloved is swimming or sunbathing, and the lover is relaxing and feeling like he’s winning at life, as he reflects on his beloved’s amazing impact on his whole outlook.

The album wraps up with “Circles.” Wow, some complexity in this song – while an essential unity is retained with the rest of the album, there are elements here that the other songs hardly hint at. It’s like Barry White meets Philip Glass meets Queens of the Stone Age. There are always new things to discover about a person as a relationship deepens, I guess.

So, if you’re open to adventure and romance, go to a roller rink!

And while you’re at it, take your pick of songs from GALASO’s EP Around The Sun, and bring your request to the DJ.

You’ll never know the places you’ll go…


A Spotify Playlist With Good Music.

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