The Top 11 Songwriting Courses for Musicians in 2022

Tired of the songs you’re writing? We’ve all been there – writing the same melody over and over, stuck in the same lyrical patterns. It’s rough. But the good news is that you can break out of it. You can learn to be a better songwriter from expert teachers. Welcome to the world of songwriting […]

The Top 10 Music Distribution Services for Indie Artists

top music distributors

TL;DR: Here are our top 10 music distributors for indie artists in 2022: Distrokid TuneCore Ditto Music IndieMassive Boost Collective CD Baby Spinnup LANDR Amuse AWAL Read on for a more detailed analysis. Record labels were once your ticket into the music industry. Everyone wanted that record deal, and then they knew that if they […]

Marc Scibilia on “Wild World,” Family, and an Upcoming Album

“Wild World” by Marc Scibilia is a tribute to the strange world we’re living in, with an emphasis on that one person you couldn’t live without in these weird times. It’s a song that makes you feel good, but under the upbeat first listen it holds a depth of hope and longing. It’s repetitive lyrically, […]

The Delicate Poetry of Jenny Dee’s “Wolves”

The simplistic emotion is my favorite thing about Jenny Dee’s music. From the moment she starts singing, the tone her voice possesses automatically draws you into whatever she has to say. Her delicate indie-folk aura is evident in her new debut album, Dancing From A Distance released on March 6. Every song is fairly minimalistic, […]

The 10 Best Songs of 2020 (So Far)

Looking back on December 31, 2019, I truly don’t think any of us could have ever expected what was to come. While live entertainment has been one of the biggest areas of our lives impacted this year, the creative process of songwriting has thrived for most in this scenario. Throughout the year so far, it’s […]

The Burning Nostalgia of Brad Peterson’s “Charcoal Soul”

The honesty comes across so clearly in everything that Brad Peterson creates. Plus, he creates everything in his garden shed, so of course that makes his music even cooler. His new song “Charcoal Soul” is no different. It’s got an interesting vibe to it that I really enjoy, so let’s dig in. Recorded this spring […]

Nick D – The Story of “Running Scared”

I was immediately captivated by the simplicity and genuineness of Nick D’Andrea’s voice. It feels therapeutic, cathartic, and it makes you feel something. And it’s on beautiful display in his new track, out today: “Running Scared.” On March 22nd, D’Andrea posted an acoustic performance of the song on his Instagram and dove into some of […]

Moths in the Attic – The Story of “Chase Away the Ghost”

For many artists, songwriting is a healing, therapeutic experience. This rings very true for Zack Fletcher, lead singer/songwriter and guitarist of Moths in the Attic.  Based out of Northwest Ohio, this progressive folk meets classical guitar meets rock band released their self-titled debut album in October 2019. After meeting saxophonist Mike Williams through a mutual […]

How to Get More Streams on Spotify in 2020

In the world of accessing music, streaming has officially taken over. Every music lover has the ability to find any song at any moment very quickly. Along with that, every artist can release their music independently on every streaming platform out there. So, how do you stand out? When it comes to Spotify, it can […]

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