LADY SLOTH’s “Freedom Bailey” Will Give You a New Appreciation of Life

Storytelling is one of the best ways to give a song significance. It’s like this weird mental thing where the narrative adds to the music. There have been plenty of moments in my life where I listened to a song, maybe I enjoyed it, maybe I didn’t, but the experience wasn’t really all that deep. […]

Meija’s “Matter Over Mind” is All About the Vibe

One of my favorite things about reviewing music is taking in obscure and (relatively) unknown artists and sharing them with the world. In my search for chill indie songs that would fit well into a winter playlist, the final track on Meija’s Side A EP, “Matter Over Mind” stood out to me. Meija (real name […]

Let Zzzahara Haunt Your Ears with “cupid’s out tonight”

As we move towards the end of the year, it’s exciting to see that there are still “single of the year” contenders in our midst. One of the most recent ones, “cupid’s out tonight” by zzzahara, is another single worth taking a listen to. zzzahara is an LA based artist who released an album earlier […]

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