Meija’s “Matter Over Mind” is All About the Vibe


One of my favorite things about reviewing music is taking in obscure and (relatively) unknown artists and sharing them with the world.

In my search for chill indie songs that would fit well into a winter playlist, the final track on Meija’s Side A EP, “Matter Over Mind” stood out to me.

Meija (real name Jamie Serota) is a well-established star on TikTok with over 15,000 followers. The Side A EP released on October 14th. The EP starts off with three strong boasting tracks following up with a softer one, ending with “Matter over Mind.”

In terms of intensity, “Matter Over Mind” lies somewhere in the middle. The song is a bass-heavy indie pop song with a strong and soulful vocal delivery.

A little over a minute into the song, these anthemic backing vocals come in to add even more strength to Mejia’s voice. It’s so interesting to me how the bass and percussion creep in and serve as the foundation for which the song slowly builds upon itself.

The song contains lyrics about perseverance and making the most of life. It’s a tale that has been told plenty of times, but serviceable, nonetheless.

Matter over mind, you know time takes no prisoners

Body with the soul, no control like a spiritual

Try to let it go, put it on try again yeah

That’s the way it goes, on and on till you get what you want

The song is far more interesting instrumentally than it is lyrically. To me, the instrumentation tells a story that slowly adds layers. It has an interesting breakdown, and then spreads out in the last 20 seconds or so. You can definitely pick up on the atmospheric vibe with all the background noise even at the very beginning of the song.

“Matter Over Mind” is a very well-executed song with a great atmospheric foundation. It’s the kind of thing where you notice something different each time for the first few listens. This song will fit very well in your 2022 winter playlists.


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