Let Zzzahara Haunt Your Ears with “cupid’s out tonight”


As we move towards the end of the year, it’s exciting to see that there are still “single of the year” contenders in our midst.

One of the most recent ones, “cupid’s out tonight” by zzzahara, is another single worth taking a listen to.

zzzahara is an LA based artist who released an album earlier this year alongside Eyedress called Siblings. The track “cupid’s out tonight” comes from their first solo album titled liminal spaces. This is a groovy, upbeat track that has a slight 80s/90s throwback beach vibe to it. The distorted vocals and guitar give off vibes of a My Bloody Valentine song. I even found myself halfway into this track humming along to the brass section.

But what are they even talking about?

That’s the question, isn’t it? I’ll admit I’ve been having trouble discerning a lot of the lyrics to this song, but I know that the word “haunted” pops up a lot.

It’s a good thing this song was released with Halloween right around the corner. Having the lyrics as unintelligible as they are honestly adds an air of mystery to the song. It makes me want to listen more in order to figure out more of the meaning behind it all. I’ve always been the kind of person to obsess over lyrics, so we’ll see how fun this venture turns out to be.

As far as the artist’s comments go, zzzahara mentioned coming up with the idea for this song around Valentine’s Day. They were interested in playing with the idea of Cupid being evil.

zzzahara recently got out of a five-year relationship and saw that their ex had already moved on to a new partner.  I’ve always been a very big fan of happy sounding songs that are actually really depressing, and this one does the trick.

If you are too, then this may be a song for you.

“Cupid’s out tonight” is everything that an indie pop song should be. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it’s easy to get into. The distortion adds a raw energy that makes the song even more intense. I sincerely hope that liminal spaces turns out to be a big leap forward in zzzahara’s career. Anybody who’s really into shoegaze indie pop is absolutely going to want to give this song a listen.


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