Christina Meyer Takes On A Pressing Issue with “Every Woman You Know”

Christina Meyer is a Milwaukee-based songwriter who has won consecutive Best Song awards from the Songwriters of Wisconsin and has had sync placements on TV’s The Young and The Restless. Her song “Every Woman You Know” is perspective-changing for male listeners and a confirmation of what female listeners already understand: women walking alone at any […]

Miss Machina Explores Online Relationships in “Like That”

Miss Machina is an L.A. artist who grew up in Dallas with the real name Ash Smith. She reminds me a lot of a certain artist headlining the “Eras” tour. Like Ms. Swift, Miss M writes ultra-catchy songs that offer societal insight. Her new single “Like That” combines a hyper-pop melody with a lyric that […]

Lexi Mackenzie Brings a Resilient Spirit to Her New Album

In country music, all you have to do is say “Carrie” and “Miranda” – and fans worldwide know exactly what surnames are attached to the first names. I predict that I’ll soon be able to say “Lexi” and listeners will instantly know it’s “Mackenzie.” This year, Lexi has released some amazing singles, including “Faded” – […]

Joyce Harrison is a Craft Master on “Rained On”

I’ve always been puzzled why so few advertising pros aspire to be songwriters. Chicagoan Joyce Harrison has reached the top in both professions. She began her career as a copywriter and creative director at legendary Chicago ad agencies. Then she wrote two songs for LeAnn Rimes, just as the singer was becoming a household name. […]

Laura Jean’s “Amateurs” is a Masterpiece

If I had to pick one album from this decade to be my sole comfort on a desert island, it would be Laura Jean’s Amateurs. Long after you’ve tired of Beyonce’s Renaissance, this album will continue to amaze. The Australian artist is well-known and highly regarded in her native land. There’s even a new documentary […]

John Mendelssohn Shines on Poignant “God’s Waiting Room”

John Mendelssohn grew up in Los Angeles, wrote for Rolling Stone, and was frontman for two critically acclaimed L.A. bands (Christopher Milk and The Pits). Even though Mendelssohn stands on the shoulders of giants like Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hammerstein, his songs have the unmistakable stamp of originality. His latest release “God’s Waiting Room” […]

Rosie Bell Sinks Her Teeth Into “Cursed”

Rosie Bell is a fabulous Irish songwriter/artist who took a decade-long hiatus from pop music but is now roaring back with a new single called “Cursed.” The song is about falling in love with a vampire, and who could blame her? Most vampires in the movies are astonishingly good-looking: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and a […]

Katie Boeck Brings Depth and Nuance to “Bittersweet”

(Photo: Josh Kranich) Nashville-based Katie Boeck’s life so far reads like a novel. She did a grassroots tour of India, where she played farm weddings and even performed at a gala for the Indian Navy. She also won praise on Broadway, starring in the revival of the Tony Award-nominated play Spring Awakening. Boeck (pronounced Bōke) […]

Jax Hollow Brings Hendrix Flash to “Wolf in Sheepskin”

(Photo by Tina Andrea) I predict that Jax Hollow will be a household name by this time next year. She’s simply too talented of a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist to escape your attention for much longer. The Nashville-based artist’s latest single “Wolf In Sheepskin” has it all: grabber lyrics, tasty guitar and powerful vocals. Plus […]

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