Christopher Morse’s Covering Old Scars Is a Vulnerable Search for Closure

Colorado-based singer-songwriter and folk artist Christopher Morse’s new EP, Covering Old Scars, is a four-track exploration of self-doubt and anxiety. Vulnerably diving into some of the artist’s past and critical life moments, the tracks serve as an emotional journey to find closure – even when all hope seems lost.  “Always Been You,” the first single […]

Haley Harkin Absolves Anxiety with To Heal Her Too

Haley Harkin’s newest album, To Heal Her Too, has a theme of self understanding that brings an intense sense of peace and purpose. The album is reminiscent of something from the 70s, and not only is the album incredibly calming and uplifing, but the sound is magnetizing. A brilliant album full of plucky guitar and […]

“On My Mind” from Front Row Seats: Magical Musicianship and Contagious Passion

Don’t get me wrong: The entire six minutes and fifty-one seconds of “On My Mind”, the new release from Dublin-based, genre-blending project Front Row Seats, is a groove. But there’s a particular part, a little over three minutes into the track, where you realize that the music has leveled up into magic. The chorus has […]

Twin City’s “Let the Music Rock” Is a Cyberpunk Party

In the debut music video for “Let the Music Rock, the first song from their aptly-named pop project, Twin City, real-life twins Anjali and Bhavani Pitti prove that their sibling chemistry carries over onto the screen and pervades their powerfully catchy music. The video begins with the two sisters controlling a buzzing board of futuristic […]

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