Colorado-based singer-songwriter and folk artist Christopher Morse’s new EP, Covering Old Scars, is a four-track exploration of self-doubt and anxiety.

Vulnerably diving into some of the artist’s past and critical life moments, the tracks serve as an emotional journey to find closure – even when all hope seems lost. 

“Always Been You,” the first single off of Covering Old Scars, was inspired by the marriage of one of Christopher Morse’s friends – wondering what might have been if they had known each other when they were younger.

“I think we’ve all had those relationships we look back on and wonder if they could work out again,” says Morse. “Not having closure in relationships leaves a lot of question marks. Was it the right decision to end it? Would we work if we tried again? What might that look like? This song is about that feeling of not having closure and wondering if things would work out a second time around.”

The EP continues with the theme of seeking closure with “Never Had” – diving further into an unresolved relationship.

“At the time, I thought this particular relationship was “the one” but it ended up crashing and burning and I wasn’t able to save it and put the fire out. Those embers burned for a long time, and there are still some question marks from that chapter. This song is about feeling like you’re so close to having exactly what you want, and then realizing that you never truly had it at all.”

After two tracks of heartbreak and “what-ifs”, “Silver Lining” is the hopeful reprieve about finding the beauty and the good in what surrounds you.

“I wrote this song when I was thinking about my move out to Colorado. I had moved for a fairly new relationship and wasn’t sure if being uprooted was the right thing,” explains Morse. “I was so focused on making that relationship work that I forgot to explore this new place I was in. My dad also helped with the decision to move. He said, “you know what it’s like here, go try something else and if you don’t like it, you can always come back”. ‘Silver Lining’ highlights a moment in my relationship with my dad and helps me see the whole picture….. It’s a reminder to myself about remembering to not be so focused on making one thing succeed that you don’t stop to realize all the other good things around you.”

Commenting on one of his collaborators for the EP, Morse praises his co-writer Mike Cali, crediting him with a big influence on the song’s outcome. “He has a great way of absorbing a thought or feeling from someone else and helping to put it on the page in a succinct, heartfelt way.”

The EP finishes with “Help Me Out” – a vulnerable song about mental health and struggling with anxiety.

“This is a song about feeling unsettled and uncomfortable. This is my anxiety song,” says Morse. “When I was writing this, I didn’t want to be by myself, I didn’t want to hangout with anyone else, but I also didn’t want to be alone. ‘Help Me Out’ is about that haze of not feeling comfortable in your own skin and not knowing what it will take to find some clearer air.”

Sonically weaving between country, folk, and pop – Covering Old Scars is a relatable snapshot of what many listeners find themselves struggling with in the day-to-day. It’s an honest discourse on anxiety, heartbreak, and relational musings, ultimately seeking closure amidst it all.

You can learn more about Chris and follow his music here.