TL;DR – Here’s our list of the top 10 AI lyric generators. (They’re okay.)

  1. Boredhumans
  2. Masterpiece Generator: Song Lyrics Generator
  3. These Lyrics Do Not Exist
  4. Deep Beat
  5. Keywords to Lyrics
  6. Freshbots
  7. RapPad
  8. AntiCulture
  9. LyricStudio
  10. Jarvis

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For many, writing songs is a way to share thoughts and feelings and tell stories.

When we’re on a creative flow, songwriting is a fantastic feeling that empowers us and helps us connect with others. However, when we’re struggling to find the right words or have deadlines we’re struggling to meet, songwriting can become a daunting and tiring process that has little to do with creativity.

Even if you enjoy writing songs, I’m sure there are times when you wish there were some tools to help you do it quicker and more efficiently. This is why today I want to talk about AI Lyrics Generators and how they can help you write lyrics.

When it comes to AI, people are either skeptical or afraid that machines will eventually take over creative work. There’s no way to predict what’s going to happen in 2, 5, or 10 years from now, but what’s certain is that these tools are here to stay, so we might just as well understand them and see how they can help us, rather than just fear them. If you agree with me, then let’s get to it and see how AI can help enhance our creative side.

In this article, I’ll review the best AI lyrics generator and give you my honest opinion on this controversial topic and why and when you should use these tools.

What are Artificial Intelligence Lyrics Generators?

Lyrics generators began with websites that would come up with lyrics templates based on words you typed in. The lyric generator would scan in their database and build lyrics from your input and existing lines of poetry from their system. As you may expect, initial results were poor: one could easily detect that a machine wrote those lyrics without emotion and meaning.

Other lyric generators provide random lyrics after you’ve chosen a theme or feeling to explore. The random lyrics you got could be an excellent draft when deciding what you should write about.

This method of taking random lyrics has been used for years by musicians before online lyric generators were a thing. Songwriters would write words on paper, shuffle them to make words or phrases, and then try to develop new ideas and concepts.

With advanced technology, machine learning, and the recent launch of ChatGPT, musicians have found new ways to use these tools to make their musical composition and songwriting faster with artificial intelligence lyric generators.

An AI lyric generator is a technology developed to create lyrics in an approach that resembles human thinking. It uses machine learning algorithms that search through millions of songs written by humans. The AI can write and interpret the meaning of the lyrics it has written, then make advanced decisions while generating the lyrics to write as close as what you asked.

So, how good are these AI lyric generators now? Are we letting AI create music, which has been art made by humans only? Can machines express emotions the way humans do?

I tried a few websites to answer this question and gathered what I consider the best. Let’s go ahead with what you come for, the ten best AI lyric generators.

1. Boredhumans

What I like about Boredhumans is its straightforward user interface. You can enter a song topic and artist name, and BoredHumans will generate lyrics from those prompts. If you don’t know where to start, click submit without entering any word, and BoredHumans will work as a random lyric generator.

Another thing I liked about it is that the results are immediate. It only takes from 20 to 30 seconds to write the lyrics. It makes the starting process more manageable and helps kickstart your writing sessions.

It may have more options to customize lyrics, but I enjoyed playing with it. The songs could be better: sometimes they are funny, but the process was simple, straightforward, and completely free.

2. Masterpiece Generator: Song Lyrics Generator

If you’re looking for customization, then Masterpiece Generator is a tool you will love. It allows you to choose adjectives, verbs, occupations, gender, type of relationships, day, month, seasons, a period of the day, actions, who the song is about, and more. The customization varies depending on the genre you choose in the beginning. It’s the most customizable AI lyric generator on this list and is free.

It’s fast too. In less than 10 seconds, you get your lyrics. You can fill in all the variables to make your song unique, or you can choose the random option to let the generator fill it in with random words, but then you might get some questionable results.

Even if you take your time filling everything to be as precise as possivle, I found the lyrics dull and weird most of the time. Or maybe it was just me trying to defy the AI using odd concepts.

All in all, Masterpiece Generator wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s worth a try.

3. These Lyrics Do Not Exist

These Lyrics Do Not Exist has a clean interface with only the box where you type in the song topic, select genre, and mood. You can generate lyrics from the song topic, choose from six genres such as country, metal, rock, pop, rap, and EDM, and choose a lyrics mode between very sad to very happy.

The results are fast, and you can download your lyrics to your computer in a text file, regenerate it using the same prompts, or start over with a new song with a new topic, genre, and mood. There’s no limit to using this free tool.

These Lyrics Do Not Exist unique feature is creating song lyrics based on emojis. That caught my attention, but it wasn’t as I expected: it just takes the emoji keyword and creates a lyric from that word as if you have typed it in the topic box.

These Lyrics Do Not Exist is a fun and simple tool, and the emoji feature makes it unique. It’s easy to use on mobile and try out new ideas using only emojis.

4. DeepBeat

DeepBeat is a tool that focuses on generating rap lines. It combines lines from existing rap songs to create new lyrics using machine learning techniques to arrange them in a way that rhymes. You can customize a bit by adding keywords to narrow the lyrics search.

You can let the AI work on a complete song or write your lines and let the AI suggest more when you’re stuck.

The interface could be friendlier. To add keywords, you need to do it from the setting tabs on the top right corner, which is not visible at first. The Generate Lyrics button is at the top, and then in each line, you can select to add a new line or a rhyme line suggestion. I found it confusing until I read the instructions near the end of the page.

5. Keywords to Lyrics

Keywords two Lyrics is a free AI lyric generator developed by Mathi Gatti, a specialized machine learning developer working on other musical projects to generate voices and vocal synthesis.

You start by giving the AI keywords, setting the creativity level in a value from 0.1 to 1.0, and the algorithm will determine how creative and unique the song will be. You can also activate the repetition penalty to reduce repetitiveness in your lyrics which I loved, and it does make a difference in the final results.

Keywords to lyrics warn you that the first lyrics could take up to three minutes to generate, but it took less when I first tried it, and as I kept creating more song lyrics, it got faster and faster.

I love clean and simple interfaces, and Keywords to Lyrics have just that. It might be my favorite AI lyric generator from the list. It’s not perfect, and some lyrics were laughable, but the results were promising overall. The only drawback might be the lack of customization.

6. Freshbots

Continuing with fresh, simple, and clean user interfaces, here’s Freshbots. Here you can generate your lyrics by establishing a topic or selecting from the ones suggested, then choosing your genre. You can choose country, pop, rap, and rock from the song genre dropdown menu or choose a genre-specific lyric generator, but it only offers little customization.

From the tests I made, the AI only wrote the first verse and the chorus, but it was enough to deliver proper and coherent lines. So, even if it lacks customization and provides a brief text, the overall quality was good.

I would consider Freshbots to gather lyric ideas and then complement them with my own.

7. RapPad Song Lyric Generator

If you want simplicity, nothing beats Song Lyric Generator by RapPad. This AI lyrics generator is hosted by RapPad, an online community of producers and rappers where you can write and share your rap songs online.

The song lyric generator has limited customization. It only allows you to type a theme or topic and let the AI do its work or select a topic from a list if you need help with what to write about.

It’s a good option if you need quick, straightforward inspiration for rap lines.

8. AntiCulture

AntiCulture is different from the other tools in this list. It’s a random lyric generator perfect for brainstorming phrases. Because it’s a random lyrics generator, you cannot input any topic or keywords to influence the output.

The results are given as soon as you click on generate lyrics, which are random phrases. Sometimes it even adds lines in different languages, but it is enough when you need inspiration right away.

Even though it’s not as customizable as the other AI lyrics generators, I put it on the list because it’s free, easy to use, and can provide some good lines quickly.

9. LyricStudio

LyricStudio is a subscription plan AI lyric generator. Its highlights include suggestions, rhymes, and a Thesaurus dictionary that you can access from your song editor. It allows you to create album folders and add songs to each folder to organize your projects. You can generate a link to your song lyrics to invite collaborators and co-write as a team.

The interface is user-friendly and dynamic. To start a new song, you choose a genre or topic, and then the AI will provide you with suggestions. You can write your lyrics and then use the dictionary to find rhymes. LyricStudio allows you to change the genre and topics as you go if you change your mind during your songwriting process.

LyricStudio offers three subscription plans:

  • The Free plan includes advanced rhyming & Thesaurus, collaborations, and album organization.
  • The Pro plan is $9.99 monthly and adds unlimited and advanced suggestions.
  • For $16.65 monthly, the Gold plan provides advanced metaphors, better context detection, and lyric sentence completion.

10. Jarvis

Thanks to its AI technology, Jarvis is an AI-power lyrics generator that allows you to create phrases and rhymes in just a few seconds. You can set different parameters to tell Jarvis what you have in mind for your lyrics, such as artist name, genre, title, and release year, and even write the first lines if you have something written already or if you’re working with a co-writer and are struggling to provide more ideas.

Jarvis is easy to use and aimed at everyone looking to create original and innovative song lyrics. Jarvis’s goal is to help you with your creativity, not to provide song lyrics ready to record in your next album, which everyone can benefit from.

Jarvis’ AI is learning from previously written lyrics, and you can learn too by analyzing its results.

To generate lyrics, you’ll need one credit per lyric, which you get from one of the four plans:

  • Chorus: 200 credits for $2.99
  • Song: 600 credits for $7.49
  • EP: 1800 credits for $19.99
  • Album: 5000 credits for $44.99

You can buy a plan for a one-time payment and keep your credits whenever you decide to use them. This credit system can be a throwback, but unlike subscription plans, you can choose when to use them.

Final thoughts

Will machines eventually be better than humans at creating art?

I don’t think we’re at that point yet. To be honest, I’m not sure if or when we will ever get there. Right now, I wouldn’t use the lyrics as they’re generated, but I might use them as a source of inspiration.

AI lyrics are not to replace your songwriting but to use as a tool to have fresh or unconventional ideas, depending on your project and goals. You can use an AI lyrics generator to get a song’s general idea or concept and then take phrases and words from their results. Adjust the lines, make them sound more coherent, and give them the human touch of storytelling as musicians did before AI lyric generators existed.

Is writing music using AI cheating? There’s no right or wrong answer here. You might have noticed it just recently, but the technology involved in creative AI has been around for a while and has been used by creative people across all fields to improve their workflow.

Did photography put an end to painting? Did Canva put designers out of their jobs? Did DAWs make professional recording studios unnecessary? We might spend days discussing each question, yet I believe the secret is to keep an open mind and find a way to embrace new technology and use it to express your creativity more effectively.

Good luck, and most of all, stay creative!