TL;DR – Here’s our list of the best smart links for musicians in 2022.

  1. Hypeddit
  2. Linkfire
  3. Soundplate Clicks
  5. ToneDen
  6. Snipfeed
  7. Linktree
  9. ListenTo
  10. Songwhip
  11. Koji

Keep reading for the full breakdown.

If you aren’t online, do you even exist?

think you do – but hey, in today’s music industry, you probably don’t want to take the chance.

And, once you are online, there’s no better way to consolidate your internet presence then through smart links.

How are you sharing your streaming links? Do you know which streaming platform you should prioritize? Or do you post each link in a separate post, or worst, do you post them all in one place, creating unnecessary confusion for your audience?

Let’s do a test. Get on any social media platform, scroll through any artist’s feeds, and I’m sure you’ll find a post where they say, “click the link in my bio.” There, you’ll find a single link that’ll take you to a landing page with a list of links redirecting fans to all music platforms where their latest songs can be found.

That’s a smart link. On platforms (like Instagram) where you’ve got limited real estate in your bio, they’re a necessity. And even on platforms with more options, a smart link is a better choice than posting a confusing list of links.

Okay – I’m sure you have seen them, but what are they? How do they work? And how can you get one?

What is a smart link?

A smart link is a single, sharable and customizable landing page that holds all the links you want to share: it could be a link to a website, YouTube channel, music services, TikTok, merch store, or whatever you want to advertise.

Imagine you released your first single and music video on all major streaming platforms; instead of posting all of your links on one publication, or email, you can add a single link. Then ask your fans to click on it to save or listen to your song. Once they get to your page, they can select the streaming platform they regularly use and enjoy your new works.

Here’s another example. If you want to thank your fans for their support, you can create a reward link where they can unlock secret downloads, previews, or even get early access to your album by completing a specific action, like streaming, pre-saving a song, and following your artist page or social media sharing.

Sounds cool, right? Because it actually is!

However, smart links are more than just a collection of links; they can even act as your website if you don’t own one yet. The best thing is that you don’t need any coding or design knowledge because most of the Smart Link platforms offer templates and stress-free customization, so you can focus on creating music rather than learning how to code.

Smart links are the perfect solution for social media platforms that allow only one link on your biography. You can create a link with everything you need on it and paste your smart link as your bio-link. Ask your followers to click on it whenever you release something new, and they’ll never miss out again.

Now that you know what smart links are and how they work, how do you get yours?

There are plenty of smart link platforms with different features, customization options, and plans to select according to your needs.

And I know how confusing it could get when doing this research on your own, so, today I’m bringing you the best music smart links you can use in 2022.

Let’s dive in!

1. Hypeddit

Hypeddit is one of the more affordable smart link options on the market; they offer a free plan that allows for the creation of unlimited smart links and download gates (which you can use to incentivize actions). And their pro-level plan is pretty cost-efficient, too, at only $9.

This is actually the platform that I use, personally. (Relatedly, the links here are affiliate links.) Hypeddit is my go-to when I set up smart links for ad conversion campaigns; the service is great for that, in large part because it’s designed by John Gold, who you might recognize him as the brains behind Spotify Growth Engine. John’s one of the pioneers of Spotify promotion using Facebook (well, now Meta) conversion campaigns. His marketing approach works – and, unsurprisingly, his landing page platform works well in facilitating it.

Outside of just ads conversion tracking, though, Hypeddit offers a lot to like. The Pro plan enables email collection, custom domain setup, and the opportunity to get your song featured in their “New Releases” section. Plus, they allow for tracking pixels to pretty much any platform you could want.


  • Solid free option
  • Affordable pro-level plan
  • Good backend metrics (clicks, conversion rate, etc.)
  • Great for running conversion ads


  • Not as customizable as some of the pricier options

You can give Hypeddit a try here.

2. Linkfire

Linkfire is one of the most popular platforms for music marketing, allowing you to generate unlimited smart links for your releases, bio-links, tour tickets, playlists, fan rewards, as well as streaming insights. Have you ever wondered what your fans do after clicking your links? Do they play your song? Save it? Share it? Thanks to Linkfire’s streaming data partnership, you can understand the journey your fans take after clicking on your smart link.

Linkfire gives you access to over 250 music services on which you can get auto-scanning on release days, meaning no manually updating your landing page for each release.

Their Creator plans start at $10 monthly and offer 7-14 days free trial period with full access to all services. Their Teams plan starts at $50 monthly with more professional options for record labels.


  • Unlimited links on any plan.
  • Affordable price.
  • It schedules automatic scans to update your links.
  • Streaming insights.


  • No free plan.

Try Linkfire here.

3. Soundplate Clicks

Soundplate offers marketing tools and resources to help record labels and independent artists promote their music. Soundplate Clicks allows you to create smart links and artist pages where you can display all your music, tour dates and more in a webpage format.

By using their Smart Link generator, you can add pre-save campaigns with calendar reminders and a preview of your song so they can listen to it in advance. Additionally, you can display your social media platforms and sharing options on each link.

If you have a mailing list, you can collect your fans’ email addresses directly from the landing page and avoid taking them to a different webpage. Some people don’t like or don’t have the time to jump from link to link and prefer to stay on the same page.

Another feature I like is that you can generate a QR code to print on posters, stickers, packages, or business cards to take your marketing campaigns offline. Users only need to scan the code with their cellphones to get to the landing page with all the links.

They offer three plans: a limited free plan with up to two smart links or pre-save campaigns and basic statistics; the Pro unlimited for $20 monthly with all the features unlocked; and the enterprise plan, including everything from the lower tier, plus resources to manage multiple artists; this plan is only available by contacting them.


  • Artist page creation.
  • QR code for offline marketing.
  • Audio preview.
  • Free plan.


  • Free plan limited to two smart links.

Try Soundplate here.


On, we won’t only get the smart link creator, but it also provides us with tools to create action pages which you can use to encourage your fans to save, follow, or stream your songs on all major music platforms.

You can also run ads on Deezer, Audiomack, or 8tracks. Though you won’t get royalties from these streams, it will help you get discovered by the right audience, and it’s a great alternative to running Facebook ads (which you can also do, by the way). offers a Free plan, Artist and Pro Artist plans at $19 and $39 monthly, respectively. In addition, there are business plans for labels to manage more than one artist and more advanced marketing; these plans start at $99 monthly.


  • Action pages.
  • Sponsor songs on all plans.
  • Page loading speed.


  • Limited analytics on basic plans.

Try here.

5. ToneDen

ToneDen is a marketing platform for promoting and advertising services, including music, through customizable fan links. With its easy-to-follow templated campaigns, called playbooks, you can get your smart links ready for releases and pre-releases in a few minutes, all with the free plan.

If you decide to upgrade your plan, you will be allowed to run automated Facebook and Instagram advertising plus all social integrations.

Plans start from $50 monthly, and the only main difference that stands out among them is the monthly ad spend limit. So that’s the decisive factor.


  • Custom domains in all plans.
  • Friendly dashboard.
  • Multiple profiles.
  • Option to edit metadata.


  • Playbooks are focused on Spotify only.
  • Price

Try ToneDen here.

6. Snipfeed

Snipfeed is a one-stop smart links platform focused on monetization through tips, donations, or purchases, in a friendly and customizable bio link. It doesn’t offer many advanced marketing tools like ad campaigns or streaming analytics, but still a great option if you’re starting to grow your audience and want to share your music without stressing too much about data.

You can choose between a basic free plan or a Pro plan for $29 monthly, which unlocks advanced customization, verified pages, custom domains, and 98% earns from your sales.


  • Great for beginners.
  • Free content hosting.
  • Monetization tools.


  • No analytics from streaming services.
  • No marketing tools.

Try Snipfeed here.

7. Linktree

One of the most popular bio-links used by many creators, artists, and musicians is Linktree due to the simplicity of building your landing page with unlimited links. The free plan includes all the basics to start sharing and selling your music.

The Pro plan offers the best experience with more analytics and marketing tools such as MailChimp connection, SEO settings, and SMS integration for only $9 monthly. They also offer a Starter plan with slightly better benefits than the free plan, but not as complete as the PRO, though it is nice to have an intermediate option.


  • Simplicity.
  • Affordable plans.
  • QR code.


  • No custom domain names.
  • Limited customization.

Try Linktree here.


If you’re looking for a straightforward smart link alternative, is your pick since it only offers smart links, pre-save campaigns, reward links, and analytics for each product. But if you are creative enough, you can get the best out of it, as sometimes we can do more with less.

There are two plans available: the free with unlimited links and pre-save campaigns, plus up to 1GB of storage, and a premium plan for $5 monthly with 50GB storage and Facebook pixel integration.


  • Effortless configuration.
  • Price.


  • Missing advanced marketing tools.
  • Not many music platforms are available.
  • No email collection.

Try here.

9. ListenTo

The all-in-one toolset that ListenTo offers lets you create Smart Links, pre-save campaigns, collect email addresses, and grow your audience by promoting tour dates or music releases.

You can choose between four plans: a limited free plan; a basic plan with the possibility to collect up to 50 email addresses for $8 monthly, the Pro plan with one branded subdomain and one custom domain for $19 monthly, and a Business plan with unlimited email collection, remarketing pixels and everything in the lower tier, for $89 monthly.


  • Custom Domain.
  • Branded subdomain.


  • Most of the benefits are in the Business plan.

Try ListenTo here.

10. Songwhip

Songwhip is a one-click Smart Link builder for your music releases, where you don’t need to register or log in to get started. Begin by searching for the song, the album, or pasting the link to a streaming platform, and Songwhip will automatically set up your landing page for free. What’s the catch? You can’t customize it or edit the links unless you upgrade to a premium plan.

Songwhip might be a quick solution for smart links on the go, but their top-tier plans do not cover many of the essentials other platforms offer on their basic services.


  • No login is needed.
  • Unlimited links.


  • No customization for free plans.
  • Premium plans lack competitive features.

Try Songwhip here.

11. Koji

Many users consider Koji the best link in bio for musicians because it allows you to add apps to your smart links, similar to installing applications on your mobile. It also supports pixel tracks and monetization within your koji profile for free. Start as easy as creating your profile, downloading apps, adding regular links, and finally sharing your bio link anywhere.

The main feature of Koji is the app store, where you can find the tip jar app, embedded players, paywall content, crowdfunding projects and more without leaving your Koji page.

One downside is that all transactions are processed by Stripe, with no option to add a different payment service.


  • It’s free.
  • App store.
  • Fully customizable.


  • Payments only through Stripe.
  • No advanced marketing tools.

Try Koji here.

Final thoughts on smart links

There are dozens of options for smart links, and many didn’t make it into the list because they were too similar to others, lacked basic features, or did not offer anything worth mentioning. But I hope this list helped you understand what to expect when looking for smart links services.

First of all, think of what you need: If you only want people to be able to click links to go to a streaming platform, you’ll be ok with free or basic plans, but if you want more information on fan behavior and statistics, then you might want to look into the Pro and Premium plans. Remember that the more data you require, the more expensive the service will get.

It’s time to build your smart link, so choose your favorite platform and start sharing!