The 7 Best Guitaleles (as of 2023)

Wanna get straight to the point? Here’s a list of my picks for the best guitaleles you can get your hands on in 2023! “Guitalele” is a lesser-known instrument when you compare it to some of its other string-based cousins like the violin, cello, or guitar. That’s because it’s a hybrid representing the mixture of […]

8 Best Bass Guitars for Beginners (2023)

Want to jump right into the list of my favorite bass guitars for beginners in 2023? Here you go! Want more details to make sure you get the best bass for your needs? Keep reading. There’s a perfect bass out there, just waiting for you. Maybe you’re just starting out on your musical journey and […]

The 7 Best Keyboard Pianos for Beginners in 2023

Want to know my favorite picks right away? Here are the top 7 keyboard pianos I’ve shortlisted for beginners in 2023:  Hey there, piano enthusiasts! Are you a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of keyboard pianos? You’re in the right place, because I have scoured the internet, looked at countless keyboards, […]

Best 7 Vocal Mics Under $500 in 2023

Want to get straight to the business? Here are my top picks for 2023’s best vocal mics under $500: Whether you’ve just started taking singing lessons or already have a magical voice, you need a high-quality vocal mic to start recording. That’s because vocals are the backbone of any song – and the reason why […]

The 8 Best USB Audio Interfaces (in 2023)

Wanna skip to the list right away? Here’s a list of my top picks for USB Audio Interfaces to buy in 2023. Whether you’re a hobbyist making music from home, or a seasoned pro with a complete studio setup, your primary tool as a producer must be an audio interface. They help you get the […]

7 Best MIDI Keyboards Under $200

TL;DR Looking for the good stuff? Here are our picks for the 7 best MIDI keyboards under $200 to buy right now. Keep on reading to get the details for each one. Do You Need A MIDI Keyboard? The music production landscape has shifted dramatically in the last decade and even though it’s now possible […]

8 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

Want to get straight to our top choices for acoustic guitars under $500? Here they are! The acoustic guitar is easily the most popular instrument in the world. Whether you’re a hobbyist or an aspiring musician-to-be, it’s usually the first piece of equipment you pick up. We get why, though — it’s affordable, portable, and […]

The Top 10 Apps for Musicians in 2022

Musicians today have dozens of tools at their disposal that can help them enhance their creativity: from hardware to software, it seems we have endless possibilities to create, yet sometimes the best solutions are literally at our fingertips. Today I’ll explore what I believe are some of the best apps for musicians. Tools that can […]

7 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

Need to know our top picks for beginner electric guitars right away? Here’s the perfect list for 2022! But, picking out an electric guitar isn’t as simple (or boring) as simply grabbing the top name out of a list. It’s about your personality, preferences, and the type of player you aspire to be. For that, […]

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