Born and raised on the sunny west coast of Southern California, singer-songwriter Chico Harpo released his first solo album.

La Gloria features the upbeat indie-rock track “Home,” a whimsical tune that preaches to those of us who might have a bit of an alternative outlook on what we want for our lives. While many people may have an idea of what life “should” look like, Harpo expresses what makes him happy and, in doing so, encourages the rest of us to follow our own paths as well.

Proficient in many kinds of music, including jazz, Latin, and rock, from a very young age, Harpo went on to study classical guitar and musical composition and put both to good use, writing and recording his solo releases, two of which have taken place this year alone.

Inspired by the likes of Bad Religion, The Beach Boys, Thelonious Monk, Elliot Smith and Latin music of all kinds, Harpo infuses his music with a multitude of styles and influences all wrapped up in something altogether original, incredibly catchy, and impossible to put your finger on.

“Home” features beautiful violin and backing vocals, a strong, raspy melody, whimsical harmonies, and a driving guitar. It’ll definitely be a must-add to your playlist.

No one wants to feel alone / So I will stick with what I know / Singing, drinking with my friends / Writing songs at 3 am / Forgive me mom, it’s all I ever wanted to be / I need someone to take my hand / Show me that they understand / Cause I don’t mind dying trying to find my own way home.