Coyle Girelli’s “The Lights” Is A Christmas Song For The Modern Age

Solo artist and former frontman of Your Vegas and The Chevin, Coyle Girelli releases a refreshing new take on Christmas music. Nixing the traditional yule-tide carols instead for a new, modern holiday tune, Girelli’s “The Lights” finds its sweet spot in not being cheesy and goofy or overly serious like many of the Christmas songs […]

Chico Harpo’s “Home” Is A Whimsical Fusion With A Heart Of Gold

Born and raised on the sunny west coast of Southern California, singer-songwriter Chico Harpo released his first solo album. La Gloria features the upbeat indie-rock track “Home,” a whimsical tune that preaches to those of us who might have a bit of an alternative outlook on what we want for our lives. While many people […]

James Ollier’s “Glory Days” Is A Tentative Anthem To Moving On

A nostalgic, introspective new track, “Glory Days” hits head-on the thrill of moving on from where you were born and enjoying the ever-present “Glory Days” of your life while paying respect to the place and people who’ve raised you. It reminds you that they’ll always be there for you, but once you’ve outgrown a place, […]

Jarom Eubanks’ “Believer” Is Musically Addictive & Lyrically Introspective

I don’t wanna write a love song I just wanna write the truth I don’t wanna play these chords Unless I’m playing them for you Honey I’m a believer I’m believing in you. Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter Jarom Eubanks released his debut single, “Believer,” filled with poppy, staccato piano-driven music and a catchy melody you’ll […]

Of Tree’s “How Does It Feel” Is Slowburn Poetry

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Of Tree is a surprising mix of the old and the new, proven from beginning to end of their newest tune, “How Does It Feel?” While at first glance we are instantly enticed by the ole time-y country/folk feeling, given a moment, the song proves itself to be so much […]

Ocean Music’s “Take Me Out In The Street” Is Bittersweet Poetry

Richard Aufrichtig, Rebecca Kushner, and Alex Thrailkill make up the heady, poetic, musically-aquatic group accurately named Ocean Music. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, these California transplants have made it their mission to spread their soulful take on folk to anyone who will listen. Releasing song after beautiful song, all culminating in their most recent […]

LOST BEACH’s “Shadows” Is The Perfect Roadtrip Track

LOST BEACH, the cosmic indie-rock five-piece, first came together on the south beaches of Los Angeles, California. Just one listen to their newest release and you’re transported to the simultaneously easygoing but vibrant City of Angels we all either know and love, or are dying to visit. Luckily, with songs like “Shadows,” we can be […]

The Story Of Mink’s Miracle Medicine’s “Pyramid Theories”

Daniel Zezeski and Melissa Wright – each notable artists in their own right – are Mink’s Miracle Medicine, a band striving (and succeeding) to fuse their own zest with the traditional country duo format we all know and love. With its rocky urban country, Bob-Dylan-meets-First-Aid-Kit vibe, “Pyramid Theories” reminds us of a woodsy, winding trip […]

The Story Of Moda Spira’s “Bang”

Moda Spira is Latifah Alattas, and although the songstress may bear an alternate moniker, the project itself does nothing to elude its deeply personal theme. Chronicling the painful process of coming to terms with the end her marriage, Alattas openly bares her soul to anyone who will listen in her latest single, “Bang,” which not […]

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