LOST BEACH, the cosmic indie-rock five-piece, first came together on the south beaches of Los Angeles, California.

Just one listen to their newest release and you’re transported to the simultaneously easygoing but vibrant City of Angels we all either know and love, or are dying to visit. Luckily, with songs like “Shadows,” we can be transported instantly without ever calling in our travel agents. Fans everywhere can tune in and hear their undeniably catchy song new single, “Shadows.” Power packed with a heavy rock-pop influence, the delivery is decidedly laid back, with a twist of indie rock on their newest fun filled tune. A real hit from beginning to end, “Lost Beach” describes themselves as being influenced by “James Brown, Bob Dylan and everyone in between,” we certainly are able to find many distinct aspects of different genres and time periods within this release.

Comprised of five key members — Jonny Perdue, Steve Stout on guitar, Davey on drums, Zacc West laying down the bass, and Davey Allen on keys — LOST BEACHES manages to speak through the “Shadows” in the language of it’s own. A hypnotic acoustic guitar and backing vocals are topped with a solemn main vocal, almost pleading as it croons the introspective lyrics: “I’d pay to see you come on by / Though I’m alone / I won’t be scared of those sounds / Beating drums from the beast in the clouds / Are you coming down?”

Rounded out with an undeniably head bobbing drum beat, this is a song I think we’ll all be adding to our road trip fun-filled once or twice (or four or five times, whatever works.)

In tune with that rolling, moving feeling we get while listening, making it such a perfect traveller’s song, the accompanying music video features a fun-filled, explorational walk through a city that will easily convince you to plan your next big adventure…if the song alone doesn’t quite manage. Released in anticipation of their self-produced, full-length record promised to us all later this year, “Shadows” certainly leaves us wishing and wanting for more from this energetic, cosmic rock band. For now, we will just have to keep “Shadows” on repeat.