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Fat Heart’s “I Don’t Feel Fine” Will Make You Feel At Home, With Not Feeling At Home

by Beau Turner

Straight from the United Kingdom, London based indie-folk artist, Fat Heart, debuts a soul-searching single, “I Don’t Feel Fine.” While the man behind the music, Jack Bzowski, has been writing and producing music for almost eight years, the project itself began just over a month ago. Finally deciding to devote himself to his passions, Bzowski write, plays, records, produces and mixes his own music— quite the feat for one man alone.

If you’re like me, you instantly wanted to know the story behind the name, Fat Heart. Luckily, Jack was happy to explain— “ I actually came up with it when I saw on someone’s online dating profile years back that they wanted to meet someone with a fat heart. I was just attached to the term from then on. It sounds like someone full of love and emotion but it also doesn’t sound very good for you, like maybe those same aspects can be self-destructive.”

Despite the project being so young, the new single, “I Don’t Feel Fine” was written over seven years ago while preparing to leave home for university. Bzowski says, “I had to make new friends for the first time in years. I was so used to being able to be completely open with people that I’d known for years. I was struggling with communicating with new people and knowing how much of myself [I could] reveal.” Despite all of this, he declares it a positive message despite the learned struggle.

It’s exactly the struggle he describes that ultimately makes us the most grateful for the relationships we have had and we may have taken for granted in the past.

The song itself is acoustically driven with an indie folk feel. A relaxing guitar riff leads the tune along, paired with a soft, smooth vocal delivery and sweet lyrics that secretly portray a much more complicated thought process than what many of us are willing to put out there, “Everything is okay / That’s what you’re meant to say / But it’s hard to know whether to open up / Or get back in.” Inspired by other slowcore and folk artists like Red House Painters, Idaho, and Elliot Smith, Fat Heart’s single “I Don’t Feel Fine,” conveys exactly the universal feeling of being out of place in a new environment and fighting every one of your initial instincts.

If you’ve heard the new song and are already as hooked as we are, prepare yourself for more. Coming in early 2019 is a brand new “Fat Heart” EP called, “Door to Tomorrow” which will include “I Don’t Feel Fine,” and other originals. And if you can’t wait until then, go ahead and book your ticket to Bristol, UK to see Fat Heart’s first official show.

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