I don’t wanna write a love song

I just wanna write the truth

I don’t wanna play these chords

Unless I’m playing them for you

Honey I’m a believer

I’m believing in you.

Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter Jarom Eubanks released his debut single, “Believer,” filled with poppy, staccato piano-driven music and a catchy melody you’ll be humming for days after hearing (because I know I definitely will be!).

The tune itself embodies youth; lyrically, however, Eubanks proves himself ahead of his time by taking on a more mature attitude, asking for real romantic love rather than settling for the fleeting fancies that we so often hear about in pop music.

Of the single, he says, “[It] is basically me looking for something real before I write a love song. At the moment when writing the song, I had all [of] these people telling me to write a love song. But at that point I didn’t know if I [had] ever really loved anyone in a romantic way. I didn’t want to write a fake love song, so I wrote “Believer” about believing in love instead of being in [it].”

“Believer” is a smile-inducing, upbeat, fun and heartwarmingly unrefined take on new-age pop music. Written by Eubanks and drummer Jakob Stewart, then recorded in Provo, Utah by David Zimmerman of Noisebox Studios, “Believer” is the first of many songs to be released by wise-beyond-his-years Jarom Eubanks at the surprisingly young age of 21 years old.

Already in the process of recording new music, we will all be looking forward to a new release in early 2019. Until then, though, we’ll just have to cheer ourselves up by listening to “Believer” on repeat and wait (somewhat) patiently for more to come.