A nostalgic, introspective new track, “Glory Days” hits head-on the thrill of moving on from where you were born and enjoying the ever-present “Glory Days” of your life while paying respect to the place and people who’ve raised you. It reminds you that they’ll always be there for you, but once you’ve outgrown a place, you have no choice in the matter: you have to branch out and make your own way in the world.

This blissfully powerful yet surprisingly laid back tune from Glastonbury’s acoustic folk-rock artist, James Ollier, brings us back to the feeling of leaving the safety of our home for the first time and launching into a brand new life of adventure, of things we could never have imagined before.

The combination of melodic, almost swimming acoustic guitar and rolling percussive elements keep this song moving along and along, just like the train Ollier sings about as it carries him away from all he has known.

One listen to this heartfelt tune will have you feeling exactly as Ollier was: unsure of where he was going, how long it would take to get there, or how on earth it was all going to come about. You can feel the song moving and growing as it goes along, just as intended. This is warranted, though, as it did take Ollier roughly three years to write and record this song while living out exactly what he’s singing about: world travelling and adventuring.

There’s a certain young, innocent quality to the song; you’ll find it in the simplistic but absolutely effective melodies and sonic minimalism for certain, but I think you’ll find it also speaks to the soul inside of each of us, no matter our age or background. You just can’t help but be transfixed and inspired while listening to Ollier’s ode to growing up and moving on as you reminisce on your past but so look ahead to your future.

Take a listen and take a trip back to the very same moment in your life. Then call your mother.