Richard Aufrichtig, Rebecca Kushner, and Alex Thrailkill make up the heady, poetic, musically-aquatic group accurately named Ocean Music. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, these California transplants have made it their mission to spread their soulful take on folk to anyone who will listen. Releasing song after beautiful song, all culminating in their most recent single, “Take Me Out in the Street,” the group releases a live recording taking entitled “Live at Baby’s All Right,” an EP recorded at the iconic New York Venue and also includes “The Parking Lot Song.”

Guitar player and singer Richard Aufrichtig, bassist Rebecca Kushner, and drummer Alex Thrailkill recently enlisted the services of lead guitarist Kevin Schwartzback and keyboardist Sam Galison to play alongside their standard three-piece set up. Together, whether they play as trio or quintet, they create an atmospheric yet grounded musical experience somehow invoking self-awareness while transporting you from wherever you may be listening.

Full of ambient folk goodness, this song makes listeners feel as though someone has discovered their favorite poem and turned it into a series of musical notes and melodies personalized to their own level of depth and bittersweet personal discovery.

A slow rolling bass and drum groove seems to pull this song along, entertained between wistful electric guitar and keys. All of these aspects find themselves perfectly matched, yet somehow slightly outdone by the soulful, pleading voice belting out lyrics that are sure to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. All in all, this song makes itself the kind of music that is inexplicably hypnotic, something we can’t turn away from. As the name would suggest, this band’s music truly embodies that elusive oceanic vibe, and the ending of this song perfectly captures the feeling of watching the sun dissolve into the water where the horizon meets the waves at the finale of one of those indescribable West Coast sunsets.

Take me out in the street/ I don’t want to be wrong / I’m a singer lost in a song