Evergreen by Brandon Young: An Introspective Sonic Journey

brandon young

Evergreen is a multi-layered and personal EP that explores the concept of personal growth. Through soulful vocal melodies, Brandon Young delves into the depth of his desires and analyzes his needs as a creative person and human being.

Shifting between minimal musical arrangements and complex, absorbing soundscapes, “Evergreen” feels like a concept album in which Brandon Young explores a chapter of his life that ended and deserves evaluation.

As Young explains, “[Evergreen] encapsulates a time period in my life that I’ve grown out of.” And that’s precisely how we feel when we listen to the four tracks that comprise this EP. Each piece is unique in both themes and sounds explored. Yet, when listening to the tracks one after the other, the entire musical journey feels coherent and peaceful.

An internal journey expressed through sounds requires a sonic palette that transcends the traditional music genres as we know them.

Young’s R&B is struck through with blues, hip-hop, and jazz elements, showcasing impressive versatility.

The opening track,Push, Pull“, features an evocative piano theme, followed shortly after by an upbeat rhythm and Young’s compelling lyrics, exploring the intricacies of a kind of relationship we all know – the one that never seems to work out. It’s the perfect opener: the deep, emotional atmosphere created by the lyrics and the intricate R&B textures will accompany us for the EP’s duration.

In just a little over 10 mins, Brandon Young’s Evergreen takes listeners on an introspective journey of redemption and acceptance: finding inner peace within life’s turmoil is Young’s objective, and by translating his worries and doubts into sounds and intimate lyrics, he brings closure to a chapter of his life that brought regrets, but also valuable experiences.

What makes Evergreen noteworthy is its subtle depth.

In these four tracks, the songs’ simplicity belies the complexity of emotions Young explores. The intimacy created by the carefully crafted but minimal arrangements blends perfectly with Young’s voice, and the themes explored feel so vivid that each listener will perceive the album differently.

“Material Things” is perhaps the most energetic piece of the EP, and it features some of the most memorable lines included in “Evergreen”:

“Do you really want the cheese?

Material things that they say we don’t need?

I do, I do, say fuck ‘em, I do”

I don’t think it’s a coincidence “Material Things is the last track of the EP as it represents a return to reality. We’re not vulnerable anymore because we’ve accepted our mistakes and flaws. While there’s some abrasiveness to this – maybe a bit of anger or resignation – there’s peace to it, too.

Maybe reviewing a previous chapter is the key to being ready to move forward.

You can listen to Evergreen on Spotify and follow Young on Instagram here.


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