Georgia Harmer’s “Talamanca”: Memories Over A Melody


“Talamanca” is a recollection of sentimental moments over the soft strumming of a guitar. Georgia Harmer proves herself to be an excellent storyteller with her descriptive writing and ultra-soothing delivery. Listening to this song is like listening to a poem or short story at an open mic night while music plays softly in the background. Named after the Costa Rican mountain range Harmer was staying in when she wrote it, it’s the kind of song that forces you to envision the scene it describes. 

In a press release, Harmer revealed the inspiration behind the song: “I went back to a memory of being in Mexico with two of my close friends. Every morning we’d sit on the roof of the neighboring house as the sun rose and drink our coffee, eat our breakfast, and bask in the rising light. We were very connected at the time and had a telepathic quality to our communication. This song is essentially about the telepathy and mind-reading that goes on between close friends.” You can feel this experience come to life throughout her lines.

Speaking without words / Languages of seeing and being seen / The feelings in the air / A silence we both can read

These lines, repeated in the song, show the silent connection Harmer speaks of. When you feel truly comfortable with someone, their body language and aura alone can speak volumes to you and vice versa. Sitting in silence becomes a language of its own, and you simply enjoy the person’s presence. Not only is this wonderful writing, but Harner’s voice sounds absolutely angelic as she sings these lines. This is the part of the song I find myself humming around the house most often.

I’d yet to find a name for the feeling I got / From words you slipped to me / Did you know that I’d remember them all

I always say one of the most meaningful ways to show a person love is by remembering the things they say. When you truly love someone you hang on to their every word and place importance on the things they tell you. For Harmer to write that the words were “slipped” to her instead of spoken, it makes the exchange sound like a cherished secret. It’s clear that there is a great deal of mutual respect in this relationship, and the experiences she took from it will stay with her forever.

I kept the loss deep inside my chest / When you left / I felt you were the only one I needed to be known by

Being vulnerable comes with risks — loving someone gives them the power to hurt you. People come and go, and it’s nice that the artist acknowledges the pain that comes with losing this connection once it’s been formed. Losing someone you’ve opened up to feels like losing a part of yourself. This last section is the bittersweet reminder that good things can come to an end — a fitting end to the memory.  


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