HAIM’s “Lost Track”: Daydreaming in Pop


“Lost Track” is an exploration of losing control and the silent reflection that comes with it. It’s a soothing pop number with a relatable message about being who you are. My first impression of the song was that it put me in a sort of trance. The unison of bells – my favorite sound in music – and Alana Haim’s calming voice put me in a dream-like state of bliss while also prompting me to reflect on my own uncomfortable experiences.

The bells in the song give it its surreal feel, while Haim’s soft speaking is reminiscent of a friend talking to you in your sleep but trying not to wake you up. However, the band is still able to keep the piece sounding inviting and upbeat. There is still energy in the vocals that counteracts the overall low energy of the song, which parallels the idea of pushing through a situation even when you feel you can’t. While reflecting on their own personal change and state of being, Haim is able to turn it into something catchy.

I’m tryin’ to feel alright / Around all these people / I try, but I’m just numb

As an introvert with social anxiety, this was the most relatable line in the song. Haim successfully replicates the feeling of being misplaced and awkward in an environment in which everything seems to be flowing. You end up zoning out completely, almost disassociating until the event is over and you can go home. It’s a paralyzing feeling – another parallel to the dreamy state of the song. 

I’ll never get back what I lost track of

The song’s main line holds a lot of emotion. It’s a strong, hopeless statement that is delivered in such a matter-of-fact manner. Until I heard this line, I was listening wondering what the band is getting at. Was it a happy song? A sad song? An encouraging one? I’m still not actually sure. It seems Haim is being neutral – expressing how the situation feels unpleasant, but also accepting this and moving through it anyway.

The band revealed in an Instagram post that the idea for the song had been floating around for about a year, but they couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It took some creative collaboration with director and friend Paul Thomas Anderson for the sisters to flesh the song out.

“Cut to PTA shooting the director’s cut issue for @wmag with our baby sister on the cover! An opportunity arose to do a quick music component while shooting the story. Paul mentioned having the book ‘Appointment in Samarra’ as a possible direction… We were inspired by the idea of someone doing something so drastic to get out of a situation they felt uncomfortable in – just to feel something. We finally remembered that lyric and wrote and recorded the song and shot the whole thing in a few days!”

The result was a beautiful song and corresponding music video that people everywhere can relate to. 


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