“Watercolor Rain” by Jack Skuller: Bouncy, Piano-Driven Fun


There’s a lot of huge songs about rain that we all know and love, but just wait until you hear this new one. I will say, I had a particularly good feeling about this Jack Skuller song before I even heard it; “Watercolor Rain” sounded promising from the title alone. It also just sounds theoretically sick. Clear rain is getting pretty old and boring these days. Let’s spice it up a little.

“Watercolor glow go wherever it goes

Then we run down the lane making watercolor rain”

This fun, upbeat, piano-driven tune starts off as a soft, funky dance tune, but it quickly builds up to a term I use lovingly and sparingly: “banger.” The beginning beats make “Watercolor Rain” reminiscent of a speedy lo-fi song, but almost immediately after, everything just comes together before you can even think about it. And suddenly, you’re immersed into this fun, brand-new environment that makes you just want to get up and flail your arms around but sway gracefully at the same time.

Part of the way through this song, you get hit with this piano solo that’s almost reminiscent of the falling of raindrops itself. It’s like at that moment, you can feel the rain picking up, but it’s not downpouring, and there’s no lightning or thunderstorm in sight. It’s just heavy rain. It’s the type of beautiful, intense rain you see in the dramatic scenes in movies, where the sun is sort of peeking through but not enough to technically consider it a sun shower. It’s the type of rain where you could go out and dance without it being dangerous to do so.

Then all of a sudden, at the very end of the song, you hear the bass really power through. As what I would personally and arguably deem the most underappreciated instrument in all of music, the bass is always a pleasant surprise in any song when it’s loud enough to hear, at the bare minimum. I always appreciate a powerful bass line, but I love when it gets its time to shine like it did here.

Overall, this song is just really fun. Like, really fun. It checks all the boxes; creative lyrics, exciting sound, catchy, and makes you feel emotion but in a way that doesn’t necessarily take away from the song’s experience. And yeah, “Watercolor Rain” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience. This song allows you to fully see yourself in a world where rain can be, well, whatever color you’d like.


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