“Blue Bedroom” by Veronica Mansour: Minimalist Pop with Swooning Drama

Sometimes moving on from a relationship can feel like going through withdrawal, knowing that if this person reached back out to you, it’s likely you wouldn’t be able to resist them even though it would undermine the progress you’d made in quitting them. An attachment to a person can be similar to addiction — the […]

Duval Timothy’s “Fall Again”: Lovely, Haunted Music

One of the greatest qualities music possesses is the ability to take full control of our attention — to make us cry, smile, laugh, or dance. The right song can really make you lose yourself, and maybe even forget where you are. Songs that are that evocative of another place have an almost hypnotizing effect […]

Yukon Blonde’s “In Love Again” Will Give You Butterflies

It’s not easy to describe the feeling of being in love. Though many of us have felt it, we tend to convince ourselves that our individual experiences of it are unique from others’ — as though each of us as invented this new, indescribable feeling that could not have possibly been felt by anyone else, […]

Chuck Winter’s “The End” Takes Us to a Stark, Inevitable Conclusion

In March, Munich-based rocker Chuck Winter released a gritty and existential single titled “The End”. Accompanied by an ominous production, Winter’s dark and raspy voice illuminates the essence of human existence and mortality: we are all born and we all die, regardless of what we experience throughout life. The first two verses of the song […]

“Still near” by Remington Super 60: Breezy, Pleasant Indie Pop

Some days we music lovers need a song that is really easy to listen to — a song that makes us feel good inside because its sound is upbeat, pleasant, and doesn’t provoke any deep sentiments from our minds. The kind of song I’m talking about has a professional and well-crafted production, but the simplicity […]

Llynks’ “Rise-Fall”: The Highs and Lows of Love

Truly passionate relationships can be elusive. But once we find them, we tend to cling to them because they make us feel so alive. Habits born out of that passion, though, can often be toxic, and that toxicity can peak during a break-up. Singer-songwriter Sara Kendall – aka Llynks – delivers this message in the […]

Kate Mills’ “Fall Apart”: Strength in Vulnerability

Vulnerability is very often likened to weakness. Because of this, people tend to avoid showing their true feelings when it might make them look vulnerable. “Fall Apart”, the first track on Kate Mills’ recently released debut album Each Bittersweet Drop, melodically illustrates this common theme – the belief that to show emotion is to show […]

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