“You’ll Never Know” by Megan Brickwood: Thoughtful, Moonlit Indie Folk

L.A. based singer-songwriter Megan Brickwood’s song “You’ll Never Know”, from her 2020 EP Where the Wind Lays Heavy, is sultry, moonlit folk that recounts the lament of love lost. The song opens with wistful guitar strums, eventually accompanied by subtle, rattling percussion. Brickwood’s resonant, effortless vocals then begin to tell the story of the battle […]

“Softly Spoken Woman” by Hands of the Heron: The Silenced Woman Gets a Voice

It’s often that a quiet woman is underestimated, taken for granted, and even ignored under the assumption that her silence suggests a simplicity of thought or character. In truth, however, it’s more likely that she’s silent because she is drowning in oceans of thoughts, worries, and ideas. In many cases, it is the quiet woman […]

“Python” by Claire Heywood: Thoughtfully-Written Feminist Indie Rock

Music and lyrics have an ever-changing relationship, full of possibility. Sometimes, they are each other’s opposite — the lyrics are dark, but the production is upbeat, or the lyrics are lovely and moving but the production is more melancholy. There are also times when the two mirror each other, and they work together to create […]

Retrospective Review: “Holes” by Mercury Rev

What kinds of things make you wonder? As you travel through life, what do you notice? Do you ever question why a bird would choose this tree instead of another in which to lay its eggs? Or why the dried up worm on the sidewalk didn’t have the wherewithal to stay in the dirt? These […]

“Avalanche” by Maja Lena: A Much-Needed Escape

Right now, many of us want to escape. The world seems to be getting more chaotic by the day, and most of us are stuck inside our houses. Many of us also live in colder regions, where the frigid winds of winter are keeping us from being outside and in nature. The sun goes down […]

Seraphina Simone’s “O M D”: It Hurts to Let Go

London-based singer/songwriter Seraphina Simone’s new single “O M D” is a modern, synthy rendition of an age-old love story: holding on to someone even after they’ve gone. With clear and gentle vocals, Simone sings of a romantic relationship: one that seems to be emotionally overwhelming. When he spoke It came in stops and starts I […]

“7 Seconds” by Porridge Radio: Hopeful, Synthy Indie Rock

You know that hopeful song that plays at the end of a film that’s ended happily? The one that assures you everything is going to be okay in the lives of those characters? It sounds like driving fast with the windows down through the night with friends in a well-lit city. It sounds like the […]

“Johnny” by Lawn: Catchy, Welcoming Indie Rock

There is something satisfying and bare-knuckle about kicking back and listening to a wonderfully simple, well-crafted, and laid-back indie-rock tune. It’s the kind of song that makes you nod your head along to the cool beat and smile because it reminds you of simpler times. “Johnny” – the title track of the second studio album […]

“Water” by Charlotte Lansman Flows Beautifully

Nature is a prevalent theme in the arts: we love to write, sing, paint, and think about it. We often compare our emotions and experiences to natural phenomena in order to represent our ideas more poetically. And no idea is more often expressed in art than that of love lost or found. “Water”, a recent […]

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